4th Generation Cattle Family

A Long Cattle History

For generations, our family has been dedicated to the hard work and traditions of ranching. As a fourth-generation rancher, it is a privilege to carry on the legacy of our forefathers and continue the traditions that have sustained us for so many years.

Ed and Leonnette Cody purchased his almost 300-acre farm in New Richmond, Wisconsin, on July 11, 1952. The farm originally started as a dairy.  Ed was back from WW2, serving as a butcher in the army. The Cody’s started selling meat from the milking parlor until, in 1962, they built a meat shop on their farm and started selling to local townspeople.  With a grand opening in 1963, business took off. 

In the early 60s, people were accustomed to visiting the butcher and baker for their fresh goods as the supermarkets that we are accustomed to today didn’t exist.  Ironically, family butcher shops are making a comeback as people realize that small family-run butcher shops (and bakers or produce) offer not only quality but a story behind the food they share with their families. 

The Cody family grew through the years, eventually to 8 kids, 40 grandkids, and now 50 great-grandchildren and 15 great-great-grandchildren. All the while, Cody’s Meats served their community, sponsored softball teams, and provided a living for the family.  The business was truly a family affair, with many of the boys going on to become butchers or servicing the cattle industry.

Ed continued to breed for the best quality beef, eventually moving into European breeds such as Charolais, Limousin, and Main-Anjou from France, Chianina’s from Italy, and crosses with traditional breeds of Angus and Herford. He was always experimenting, always looking for high-yield beef. With experimenting came results. The kids and grandkids began winning local county fairs with Grand Champion ribbons filling the walls of the meat shop.

In 1989, Mike Cody, the second oldest, purchased Cody’s Meats, and he and his wife Kathy went on to run the shop for another 20 or so years. As the Twin Cities of Minnesota grew, our family farm was eventually purchased to expand the freeway.

Raising high-quality beef has always been at the heart of our family. From our cattle’s careful breeding to our butcher’s skilled hand, every aspect of our operation is focused on producing the best possible product for our customers. This commitment to excellence is a testament to the hard work and dedication passed down through generations.

Today, Cody’s Meats is an idea that lives on in the family members still in the cattle business. Generation 4 is now taking over and making its mark on the world through hard work, strong mentors, and a love for the cattle business. 

Our beef has been raised and sourced from our own herds in Minnesota, Texas, and Arizona. Depending on what our clients are looking for, we can provide grass-fed or corn-finished cuts that rival the best steak houses in America. Members of the Cody Meats family have spread around the US, each committed to the craft of raising quality beef and each providing clients with unique cuts of meat raised with care and love.

Cody’s Show Cattle

With Mike’s early passing and the closing of the meat shop, 3rd generation Billy Cody continues a family tradition. Billy moved to Texas and rose to the top of the show cattle business. For 30 years, Bill has raised some of the highest-quality show cattle in the US. Bill’s team breeds, sources, fits, and brokers show steers that compete at the top of their field.

His daughters, Cailey and Taylor, grew up in the business, showed in 4H, and won their share of top prizes. These young ladies are part of the 4th generation of Cody to grow up and carry on the cattle lifestyle. 

For over 30+ years, Billy’s business, Cody’s Show Cattle, has won Grand Champion from Denver to Dallas, Houston to Phoenix, San Antonio to Kansas City. With high stakes and big prize money, he’s built a reputation as the top in his field.

When you are interested in only the best corn-fed beef, Billy is the go-to for half or full-beef purchases. These animals have bloodlines that were perfected over generations. Breeding is often done with artificial insemination or embryo transfers because Cody’s Show Cattle seeks perfection. The Grand Champion from a show like the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo can go for $1m, which may be out of your budget, but that’s the level at which Cody’s Show Cattle competes.  To order beef from Bill, be patient. It’s worth the wait!

Cody’s Cattle Service

Bret Cody, the 3rd Generation cattle operator, also lives in Texas. Bret has built a service business and show cattle operations built around raising, fitting, and servicing 4H, as well as show quality steers and heifers all over Texas. Cody’s Cattle Service serves from Texas to North Dakota. 

Bret trims hooves, dehorns, transports, dresses, and almost anything else needed to prepare cattle for competition. 

Bret’s wife, Kasey, and their two boys, Caiman and Maverick, make the cattle world a family affair. The boys are taking on the 4th generation of Cody to learn the ins and outs of the cattle business from an early age. Caiman has been a little guy, moving big steers around the show ring from an early age. Caimen helps fit, dress, and train his cattle to enter the show and compete with the best. 

Bret harvests and retails sides or whole, corn-fed specialty meats from his ranch in Weatherford. You may have to wait in line for an order, but you won’t be sorry. 

Tim Martin Grass Fed Minnesota Beef

Tim Martin is part of the 3rd generation of Cody’s Meats. Tim stayed in the midwest and raised a herd of 280+ cows in a cow/calf operation. 

Tim works with local Minnesota University ag extension experts on managing bloodlines, feed schedules, and care of his herd. The goal is to provide top-quality, grass-fed beef to local consumers and finer restaurants. 

Tim has retail partners that sell in smaller quantities, or you can order in bulk. Tim has been able to find a niche in the grass-fed market and does not rest in his focus on managing all the variables necessary to bring his product to market. 

To order from Tim’s operation, visit _______ or ________ or contact us for more information and details. 

For us, ranching is more than just a job. It is a way of life that is rooted in family, community, and faith. From sunrise to sundown, we work alongside one another, loving and supporting each other through the ups and downs of farm life. Our family is the foundation of our ranch, and it is through their hard work and support that we have been able to serve our community and provide them with the highest quality beef.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to preserving the legacy of our family and the traditions of ranching. Whether it is through our hard work and dedication to our cattle or our unwavering faith in the Lord, we will continue to carry on the traditions of our forefathers and serve our community with pride.

It is a privilege to be a part of such a rich heritage and to carry on the legacy of our family for generations to come. Our passion for ranching and commitment to excellence will continue to guide us as we work to preserve the traditions of our family and serve our community for years to come.