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How We Sell Beef

We raise beef for sale and have sourced some of the top-quality beef products from Arizona, Texas, Minnesota, and beyond. Different beef breeds and how they are raised and fed all make a difference in the taste and flavor of the meat. We do our best to explain the flavor profiles but suggest you buy and sample for yourself. You’ll notice a difference between grass-fed and corn-fed. You can taste the difference between Longhorn, Angus, and cross-breed show cattle. 

Below are explanations to help you make your selection. 

Buying a side of beef refers to purchasing half of a steer and having it processed into individual cuts of meat. This allows you to have a variety of cuts to choose from and the flexibility to choose how the beef is processed.

Here is a general overview of what you can expect to receive when you purchase a side of beef:


Purchase A Side or Quarter of Beef

Buying beef in bulk sides means purchasing a large amount of beef at one time. Specifically, a side of beef refers to one-half of a beef process, which is typically divided into various cuts of meat, such as steaks, roasts, and ground beef. When you buy beef in bulk sides, you are essentially purchasing a significant portion of the animal, which can be a cost-effective way to stock up on meat.

We offer bulk beef sales from our herd or from family/neighboring ranches, which can be a great way to support your local economy and ensure that the meat you are buying is fresh and of high quality. When you buy and order in sides or quarters, you can specify the type of cuts your family likes including the beef-to-fat ratio in hamburgers and the thickness of steaks. 

While buying beef in bulk sides can require a larger upfront investment than buying meat on a per-pound basis, it can often be a more cost-effective option in the long run. 


  • Rib steak or roast
  • Ribeye steak
  • New York strip steak
  • T-bone steak
  • Porterhouse steak
  • Sirloin steak or roast
  • Round steak or roast
  • Flank steak
  • Skirt steak


  • Chuck roast
  • Rump roast
  • Sirloin tip roast
  • Arm roast
  • Brisket


  • Filet mignon
  • Flank steak
  • Skirt steak


Ground beef, typically in 1-2 pound packages
The cuts you receive will depend on how the beef is processed and how it is divided between the different cuts. When you purchase a side of beef, you typically have the option to specify which cuts you would like to receive and how you would like them processed (e.g. fat content).

Buying a side of beef can be a cost-effective way to purchase meat, especially if you have the freezer space to store it. It can also be a great way to support local farmers and have access to high-quality, locally-raised beef.

Beef Jerky

Processed Meats – Jerky and Sausages

If you’re a fan of meaty snacks, you’ve come to the right place. We’re here to share some information about what makes our products stand out from the rest.

First, let’s talk about beef jerky. Our jerky is made from high-quality cuts of beef that are seasoned and smoked to perfection. We use only the finest ingredients, including natural spices and seasonings, to create a flavor that will have you coming back for more. Our beef jerky is also free from any artificial preservatives, flavors, or colors, so you can enjoy a healthy and delicious snack.

But what sets our beef jerky apart from the rest is our commitment to quality. We source our beef from trusted suppliers, and we use only whole-muscle cuts of meat in our jerky. As lovers of beef jerky, we’ve come up with a process that allows for thinker chunks of meat that are processed with enough moisture content to allow for a chewy and moist product, not dry and hard on your teeth like many jerky’s on the market. This means you can be sure you’re getting a snack that’s not only tasty but also wholesome and ethical.

Now, let’s move on to our smoked shrink-wrapped sausages. These sausages are made using the same high-quality ingredients and ethical sourcing practices as our beef jerky. We use natural casings and smoke our sausages over real hardwood for a rich, smoky flavor that’s hard to beat.

Our sausages are also vacuum-sealed in shrink wrap to lock in freshness and flavor. This means you can enjoy a tasty snack on the go, whether you’re hiking, camping, or just running errands.

San Rafael Valley Grass-Fed Beef

Elgin-Patagonia area SRVVBeef will continue to focus on producing the best 100% Grass-Fed Beef in Arizona from Birth to Harvest. When you see the beautiful rolling grasslands of the pristine San Rafael Valley, it’s easy to understand why this meat tastes so good. These beautiful Angus-Hereford cross cattle are born on the 7000 ac Lazy J2 Ranch and live their whole lives free range, eating native Arizona grass and drinking pure water in the most humane and respectful conditions.

San Rafael Valley Beef is Raised on Native Arizona Grasses that grow on one of the West’s last intact short-grass prairies… and the headwater of the Santa Cruz River. A wilderness setting of rolling grasslands, towering cottonwoods, and winding river beds are surrounded by towering mountain ranges that protect the valley and provide a unique setting for one of the most verdant grasslands in the SouthWest. Pure water and a unique blend of native grasses and naturally marble beef give it a rich, robust flavor.

Visit for the history of the ranch and to view products. Buy by the pound or in larger quantity, Sydney has built an amazing business on her 3rd generation family ranch. 

SRVBeef Products

Patagonia Beef

Depending on what you are looking for, we have options for locally raised individual steak and meat orders which can be directly shipped all over the USA. If you’re looking for a larger quantity, we have Arizona-raised grass-fed options in Angus, Charlais, or Longhorn. These options have a number of ways to order and ship. Reach out to us, and we’ll discuss the benefits and ways you can receive quality meats right to your door.

Cody’s Cattle – Texas

Part of the Cody’s Meats family includes family members around the US who are top of their field in beef raising, show cattle, and the beef industry. Cousins have all sorts of sales, pick-up options, and delivery plans for grass feed and corn-finished Minnesota Angus beef or Texas (Fort Worth) area corn-fed show cattle.

Bill Cody owns Cody’s Show Steers, and Bret Cody owns Cody’s Cattle Service. Both are third-generation cattle business operators who are servicing the very specific and highly competitive show steer market. Their steers and heifers are shown and fitted for livestock shows from Denver to Phoenix, Houston, Dallas, and beyond. They raise beef for top-level Grand Champion-seeking livestock shows, and no expense is spared when raising their beef products.

Their main business is not beef sales, but if you’re patient and if you are willing to buy the best meat in America, we can put in an order for a half steer processed the way you want and delivered anywhere in America. These are the same steers that are on track to win Grand Champion in Denver and sell for $1m plus!

More on our family legacy in cattle and quality meats – HERE

Tim Martin Grass Fed – Minnesota

Adam is raising Angus beef in Minnesota on an open range with primarily grass-fed beef. He’s part of the Cody cousin group and makes available half and quarter-orders to match your processing needs.

The amount of meat you will receive from a half steer can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the breed, age, and weight of the animal, as well as how it is processed and the cuts you select.

However, on average, you can expect to receive approximately 240-260 pounds of meat from a half steer, after processing and trimming. This can vary based on the yield of each cut, with some cuts having a higher yield and some having a lower yield.

It’s important to note that the weight of the meat will be less than the live weight of the animal, as some weight is lost during processing and trimming. When you purchase a half steer, you will typically pay for the hanging weight of the animal, which is the weight after it has been butchered and the head, feet, and internal organs have been removed. The hanging weight can be anywhere from 40-60% of the live weight, depending on the size of the animal.

For us, ranching is more than just a job. It is a way of life that is rooted in family, community, and faith. From sunrise to sundown, we work alongside one another, loving and supporting each other through the ups and downs of farm life. Our family is the foundation of our ranch, and it is through their hard work and support that we have been able to serve our community and provide them with the highest quality beef.

As we look to the future, we remain steadfast in our commitment to preserving the legacy of our family and the traditions of ranching. Whether it is through our hard work and dedication to our cattle or our unwavering faith in the Lord, we will continue to carry on the traditions of our forefathers and serve our community with pride.

It is a privilege to be a part of such a rich heritage and to carry on the legacy of our family for generations to come. Our passion for ranching and commitment to excellence will continue to guide us as we work to preserve the traditions of our family and serve our community for years to come.